May, 1999 This month flower: Lilac

by Mieko Nagano: Oita City, Japan

"Lila", rather than "Lilac" has been my much familiar name of the favorite flower for many years. I am not sure where I first noticed the lovely flower. I remember I saw it in a girls' magazine in which I was first fascinated by wonderful illustrations by Jun'ichi Nakahara - the most popular painter of exotic beautiful girls with large eyes. In my girls days, my mother subscribed the magazine for me and my elder sister.

It was much later, I remember, that I saw the actual flower for the first time. I found the flower holding many small violet petals in clusters in my friend's garden. I still remember how strongly I was moved to smell the actual sweet fragrance of the flower. The female friend was my senior who loved me very much. When she was to move, I went her house for help. She said you could take I wanted in commemoration of our friendship. I soon asked her to take a branch of the flower. I intended to grow it from a cutting, but she said it was impossible to do so. I finally gave up.

Twenty years ago, we became the residents of Chicago in the US on my husband's business. One day in May, we visited a nearby park to enjoy the Lilac Festival of the community. I haven't seen the flower so often since I first saw it in my friend's garden. In this area, however, it grew in bushes around the fence of a house and in the corner of the parks. The beautiful flowers in violet, white, and pink released sweet fragrance around here and there to lure the people onto the lawn of the park. Some were dressed up in lilac-color to perform a chorus, some were enjoying chatting over the cups of ice cream. It was one of our most pleasant memories of mixing with the neighbors.

When I remodeled my garden, I made up my mind to plant the flower without fail. I purchased some small seedlings and nursed them very carefully. In three years, they hold the first flower whose color was pink. Since then, they bloom lovely flowers every year.
This year, I will plant another seedling of lilac that will bloom violet flower.

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