May 30: Yufuin Cultural and documentary movie festival
by Mie
We went to Yufuin to join the second Yufuin Cultural and documentary movie festival. We have been thinking that we can not miss a movie titled "Zainichi", literally meaning "Koreans living in postwar Japan." Mt. Yufu sits quietly under the clear sky of refreshing May. I love this view from Minami Yufu JR railroad station.
The festival is held at Yufuin community hall. I got two tickets at the reception table. The festival was started from May 28th, running 28 monies in total. We will watch the last film from now.
In the lobby are sale stands and a coffee shop run by volunteers of the festival.
On the wall are many posters and leaflets of the festivals until today (left.) On the wall is another painting that illustrates main images of the film run on the festival (right.)
Movie lovers fill the hall in the intermission. A single-film ticket sells by 700 yen and free-pass ticket for 3,200 yen. People hang the ticket cases around their neck.
"Zainichi" is a big movie that runs for four and a quarter hours. We can use a cushion for the long hour viewing.
The first part of the movie tells the history of the Koreans living in postwar Japan for more than a half century. The history, however, exactly mirros how we Japanese have lived the lives in the same period. I have learned so much what I haven't been taught until today. The second part covers how Koreans have suffered in devastated postwar Japan: a female in the first generation suffered a hard time looking frantically for foods to feed her children. A man in the second generation lived his boyhood in poverty and discrimination. He was finally invited to Seoul to cerebrate the 50th anniversary of Independence from miritalism Japan in 1945. He then visited his ancestors grave yard in rural Korea to 'feel' the blood and root of the family. He promised in front of the gravestone to hand down his origine to the descendants. Young people in the third generation head toward future by living strongly their lives as real international Koreans living in modern Japan. All the people appeared on the film were very impressive, creating their own wonderful world. I hope many Japanese people will view the film and learn many things they have been kept away from facing them.           
After the film, Mr. Goh Tokuju (left), the director of the film, showed up on the stage. He answered to the questions from the spectators in the hall and discussed his arts and background. He was born in Akita, Japan just before the end of the war as a second generation of Zainichi. He first praised the wonderful democratic education system after the war, but soon realized it was designed for Japanese only. This is why he decided his mind to record the history of Zainichi as precisely as possible. He said the history of Zainichi is also the exact history of Japanese themselves. Mr. Nishiyama (right), a documentary movie director of, took the chair.
We have some Korean friends. We have been thinking to learn the actual historical relationship between the two countries. In this meaning, we have had a precious experience this time. In the festival, many other important movies were run in three days. We will join the festival next year without fail.

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