May 12: I got a free food ticket!
by Mie
I have been applying on the web for "Food ticket present" campaign of a restaurant a long time ago. I was so delighted to get the news that I won the prize, because I have forgotten my application itself. Today, we drove out pleasantly heading to the restaurant in Beppu city with a copy of the mail from the restaurant.

We drive up a shore drive to Beppu city. We pass under the foot of Mt. Takasaki (left), and soon Mt. Tsurumi (center in right picture) became visible in the haze that have arrived from mainland China carried by a strong prevailing western wind in this season.
The signboard reads "You are entering Beppu city."
Now we arrived a restaurant named "Machakou." In front of the restaurant is a bill like this beside beautiful iris flowers. The bill reads: "Thank you for your close watching on your children to enjoy meals with other guests." I realized that the restaurant really make important of the guests.
This is the wonderful open-kitchen. The restaurant name "Machakou" was taken after the name of Machakou city in Haerbin, China in which the proprietress was born. She learned from her mother how to prepare borscht, a kind of Russian thick soup, favored by many Russian residents nearby at that time. The dish is one of main recipe of the restaurant.
I decided to take the borscht by the food ticket. The soup was very tasty with refreshing flavor of tomato, and full-bodied. My husband ordered a recommended dish, original sandwich with home-boiled tongue. It was also very tasty with wonderful flavor.
The master was willing to take a commemorative picture with me. He remembers my application E-mail. I was very moved to hear of it. Thank you master for your wonderful borscht and sandwich. I will apply again whenever I find a campaign like this time.

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