May 8-9: Summer has come!
by Mie
The weather is fine today as yesterday. Oita area is shifting from early summer to real summer. We have changed cloths for summer.

First, we wore T-shirts and short pants. Then we washed all window screens around the house, yes, my house turned to a summer-style. We also put a garden parasol and a table-and-chair set.
As my personal computer has become "heavy" in operation, it also turned to a "light" one. The main body of the PC is smart tower-type. Mr. Miyase, our closest friends nearby came up and helped the "close change" of the computer.
Well, my PC was perfectly refreshed. It works very lightly and quickly.
In the garage, another summer has already come. An old tent we had once used with our son came out of the warehouse after a long sleep. Yuri, Mr. Miyase's vivid kid was delighted, he went in and come out of the tent pleasantly. Well, are you going to go camping with your parents to beaches or hillsides this summer?
Bright red flower of poppies brings a real summer-like atmosphere to my garden.

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