May 4:Home-made bread
by Mie
During this "consecutive holiday season", I have no place to go out. I made an appeal to the Female mailing-list friends to have a class of home-made bread baking in my home. Miss Tomonari of COARA office and Mrs. Yamaguchi, who regularly revise her "Lunch box" home page, responded to it.
Miss Tomonari carefully reads the recipe, expecting to bake her own bread today. First, all the ingredients are weighed and put into a bowl foe kneading. At first, she hesitated to put her hand into the sticky and powdery ingredients. She soon, however, started to mix and knead them very well with the concentration like an expert.
Soon, the dough turns to smooth texture like young lady's skin. This is a mysterious process. The dough is still beaten on the table and kneaded to make a good dough.
After the neading, the dough is set into the bowls for the primary fermentation (left, red bowl.) As we have a rainy, relatively cooler day today, my husband prepared a kerosine stove in his room for setting the bowls. When the fermentation process is over (right, green bowl), it is divided into small lumps.
The lumps are then rolled up into various shapes with special care to protect them from drying, using wet canvas, vinyl covers, and wet towels. The rolls are then topped with many pleasant materials like poppy seeds, sesame seeds, starch, and walnut. Some of them have cuttings on the top, others contain bean-jam, depending to your favorites.
Now, they are baked up finally. Lovely rolle-shaped or round bread release the mouth-watering aroma.
We did it, anyway. We are relieved and took a picture in the garden. The rain has stopped, we take a rest in the terrace by watching just bloomed red poppy flowers on the background of the refreshing green. From left, Mrs. Yamaguchi, Miss Tomonari, and Mie.

just after this pause, Mrs. Watanabe, one of the Female mailing list, showed up. She managed her time to join us for a short time.
Mr. Ono, the general secretariat of COARA, joined us in a good timing for a sampling party. He has been interested in "A home-made bread class" when he was talked about it in an off-line meeting of Oita mailing list held in a beer garden the other day.

How pleasant it is to talk with close friends over the tasty "my original" bread!

From left: Mrs. Yamaguchi, Mrs. Watanabe, Mr. Ono, Miss Tomonari, and my husband Ken.

During our pleasant party, the second round of the home-made bread, a set of butter roll, was over (left), They look like very tasty with beautiful browned surface. Miss Tomonari immediately "tested" it (right.) Great!, she souted. I was also delighted to hear it and a satisfactory result of the class.
Beautiful flowers and a bottle of wine brought by friends today. How happy I am to see them!

Thanks to the "Home-made bread class", I have had a nice Golden Week this year as usual.

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