April 26: Early summer
by Mie
I have been caught by a spring cold for days and stayed in home for a while. Today, however, the sky is so fine that I walked out for shopping.
I found carp streamers swimming quietly here and there in the beautiful clear air.
The carp streamers aspirate the fresh air fully, shinning beautifully under the early summer sky. It represents the first celebration of a boy of the house on Children's day. The name of the boy is written on the top of the banner.
Another carp streamer was swinging in the breeze near a big tree in the backyard. How peaceful it is to look carp streamers in the refreshing green window.
Here advertising balloons are swinging in the sky.

It was not so easy to park my car, because the shop called Jusco newly opened in Hasama town, the western suburbs of Oita Medical College. After a patient waiting, I finally find a parking space. It makes me happy to see something drifting in the clear blue sky, whatever it is carp streamers or advertising balloons.