April 19: Farewell to Masan
 by Mie
It is already the day to say good-bye to Masan. I asked yesterday for a morning call at 6:30. I took the breakfast at the restaurant on the first floor. As I took an American food yesterday morning, I tried a Korean menu today. On the tray are so many dishes such as two kinds of soup, fresh and hot, Kimuchi, Namul, and even grilled fish. It was too big for me. I was very pity that I couldn't finish up all of them.
Just after the breakfast, professor Lee came to the hotel on time to pick us up to the bus terminal. I can't find any word to express my thanks to him who takes care of us from the beginning to the end.

The traffic was heavy in the morning in the Monday morning, but when we headed to the railroad station of Masan, rush our was over quickly. "This is a good sign on your trip", he joked. In a couple of minutes, we arrived at Masan bus terminal.
"Thank you so much professor Lee, please come to Oita, Japan","We have been busy this time, please take enough time next", "Please give our best regards to all of your families." We finally got on the bus.
The limo is heading smoothly. After the row of factories on the sea side, we passed an apartment complexes like this one by one. We enjoyed the landscape of the rice fields and hills before we arrived at the airport. The bus fare was mere 1,000 Won for an hour comfortable drive.

We have enough time till the departure to Fukuoka. I look around the terminal and souvenir shops. The flight was filled with many people conveying a lot of souvenirs.
Now we have landed Fukuoka airport without any trouble. We will drive back to Oita from here by Mr. Matsumura's car that has been parked at a paid-lot for three days.
We decided to drop in Tenjin to visit a branch office of our COARA. Three ladies in the office, Miss Tomonari, Miss Mukai, and Miss Umeno welcomed us in smile. They soon took some pictures including a pack of Korean cookie to up our visit on the web.

We have finally come back home in Oita in the drizzling. The weather in Korea was not so bad for three days.

April 21: Reporting to the late Terao
by Mie
Three of us visited Mrs. Terao to report our trip to Masan. We reported the late Terao that we have made a presentation at the chapel of Chang-shin college in Masan, Korea; The Terao Memoir was adopted to an textbook of the college and all the people concerned, including the president, were delighted.

Then we talked over some prints of my home page with Mrs. Terao about what we have experienced in Masan. At the alcove is a photograph of the late Terao. He still smiles at us by nodding to our report. Mrs. Terao said "My husband is really happy to live-on in the hearts of so many people, he is still living." Her word is the greatest present to us.

Mrs. Terao saw us off with a smile at the entrance. The sky was cleared up in the refreshing spring.

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