April 7: The first broadcasting of "FM-OITA COARA Internet Life"
by Mie
The weather finally turned to real spring. The cherry blossoms in Oita has at last come to their best. Today, entrance ceremonies were held in many schools. April is a season in which many new things are started here in Japan. Our COARA also started a new trial from today.
Today is Wednesday. A new program titled "COARA Internet Life" has started using a FM band. This is a kind of a mixed media of FM radio band, Internet, and a series of brochures published from COARA office. The brochure is free and includes a lot of useful information on the web life. The program has started at 8:00 p.m. In front of the chroma-key's blue screen, the casters are ready to go: from left, Mr. Takemoto, Mr. Fujino, and Miss Tomonari.
Many people flocked in the gallery to celebrate the first on-air of the new program. From left: Miss Kusamoto, Miss Nyuu who visited COARA for the first time. She is my friend's daughter who returned to Japan just two weeks ago after two years experience in a college in Thai as a Japanese-language teacher.
Next left is Mrs. Fujii, Mr. Murakami, Mr. Fujio (back), and me. There is a time table of the program written in minute-second-unit basis. The image by Real Player and consecutive still-pictures of the studio are displayed on the note PC.
Mr. Takemoto and Miss Tomonari are relieved after 30 minute's broadcast that went very well. All the gallery cheered them.Today's topics was "Let's try to make a home page." Next time, the subject will be "Can we see on the net even after graduation?" Let's join the program through the Internet, chatting, and phone call. You are welcomed to appear on the gallery, of course. The program is also playbacked at any time you want by "Video-on-demand" system of the web.

The location of the studio:
No.2 Sofia Plaza, 17-20 Kasuga-chou Oita City, Japan