April 3: A drum performance by TAO group
by Mie
People patiently wait in a long line for the opening of the performance by TAO Japanese drum group. TAO is a professional drum performance group based here in Kujyu town. They moved from Aichi prefecture five years ago and supported by all the residents of the town. The mayor is a chief of the supporters' organization.
TAO is a pioneers in creation of a show that combines Japanese traditional drums with a modern atmosphere.TAO gives performances more than 200 times from June through August every year in New York, Orlando, and Las Vegas
The performance continued 80 minutes without any intermissions. The drumming was performed in many styles. They make exercise 12 hours a day to polish themselves up. In the hall, there were so many standees including foreigners. Unfortunately, taking pictures was prohibited during the performance. I am very sorry that I can not show you the powerful performance.
。In respond to the encore, they played a pleasnt performance including tap dancing. In Kujyu town in october every year, the Kujyu Asian Performance Festival is held with atists from many countries, in particular from Asian areas. I hope to join the festival someday.

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