March 17: A sudden off-line meeting
by Mie
Mr. Tsukahara, one of the active member of "Yufuin mailing list", visited Yufuin on his vacation from Tokyo. Some of the net members suddenly came up to a tea room "Hamano" at 2:30 p.m. to welcome him.
I met Mr. Tsukahara for the first time, but as I have been talking with him on the mailing-list, I soon got relaxed to talk at him. Mr. Tsukahara brought in his brand new note PC to enjoy "mobile communication." He asks Mrs. Furushou how to set up the computer. On the right is Mr. Kurita from Beppu city.
Mr. Tsukahar has become a COARA member just before connecting to the web site of COARA and is trying to do so under the help of Mr. Matsumura. They are struggling to call up the site, I hope he can make it.
I have long been hoped to visit "Tea room Hamano." The room looks like converting an ordinary house into a tea shop. We were introduced to a well-appointed Tatami room in which wonderful furniture and tableware are arranged smartly. I asked the owner to take a look at eating utensils in the kitchen. I found wonderful cups and dishes in the cupboards.
Mr. Kurita dandle a kid on his knee. This is the second time for him to join Yufuin mailing list meeting.
Let's take an we-were- there-picture: from left, Kurita, Tsukahara, Furushou, Mie, and Yuuya, a lovely kid of Mrs. Furushou. On the front table are tasty spring-like dishes recommended by the Tea room, like green butterbur sprouts, sweet cheese cake, thick coffee, English muffin, and black tea. Mr. Matsumura took the picture.
The late spring seems to have come to Yufuin at last. We have had a pleasant sudden off-line meeting in a warm afternoon. Mr. Tsukahara, thank you for your visit to Yufuin. Mt. Yufu was soaring high on my way back home. I took a snap shot of the Mountain at 5 p.m.
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