March 11: Miss Yang enjoys a home stay
by Mie
In the afternoon, I went out for a Haiku class. Yang stays house with my husband Ken. She helped him with making an index of National Geographic which my husband makes very important of. I bought a pack of strawberry for tea time.

Then I made my home page on our visit to Yunohira spa yesterday. My husband prepared "Pork soup" which he has leaned in his cooking class for men. Yang helped him and cooked a special rice called "Mukago rice" that contains nuts of yam propagule. Thanks to them, I could revise the home page. Yang seems to be interested in viewing it. The dinner was very tasty. Thank you very much Yang!
After the dinner, we drove out for COARA office to join a regular "OBS Multimedia Cafe COARA."; Today's gallery are, from left: Mr. Yoshino of OBS, Mr. Yuuki, Mr. Nagao from Fukuoka city, Mr. Fujio, Ken, Yang, and Mie. Mr. Nagao enjoyed a chatting with Yang in Korean.
Today, the gallery swelled up on the way of the broadcasting. Many members of "Yanbaru Group" in Nago city, Okinawa island came to Oita for inspection to COARA. The studio suddenly got into swing. From left: Professor Shibano and professor Shirai of Meiou university, MS Ikema of sightseeing office, municipal office members, and a man from Orion Beer.

After self introductions, Miss Yang was interviewed. She said in Japanese that she would like to be a TV journalist in future and was very interested in the Internet broadcasting. She also described her impression in Oita, saying she was so glad to see so many people here.
There are many items on the table of the gallery: Awamori alcoholic drink from Naze city members, and a box of cake presented by Mr. Nagao. Oita male spectators soon opened the bottle to dry it up. We picked up favorite cakes out of the box and tasted them. Thank you very much.

Yanbaru members asked COARA members how they enjoy the Internet. I talked them I enjoyed it by using E-mail and making home pages in my daily life, and I could make good communications with many friends. We discussed much even after the broadcasting was over. We still have had much more to talk over.
We returned home before ten p.m. Yang wanted to take a look at our wedding album, more than 34 years old record. She is very interested in it. I was also delighted to see it after a long time. On the floor are many National Geographic to be indexed tomorrow with the help of Yang.

Today, Yang has met so many people. Thank you Yang, and relax in the herb bath of lavender.



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