March 6: Beautiful Miss. Yang Hyewoon stays in my house
by Mie
Miss Yang Hyewoon(Korean) who is an exchange student to International Christian University, stays in my house. She came to Oita Yesterday for the home-stay experience. First, at the Miyases, though, unfortunately Mrs. Miyase got a heavy cold then, we became the host of the student. As it was very warm today, we walked out. Surprisingly, we spotted a cherry blossom, probably the first one in this spring.
Miss Yang studied in University of Massachusetts/Boston and dispatched to Japan to stay for a year. She wanted to have an experience in rural Oita. I took her to one of my friend's house nearby. My friend, Mrs. Kawano, gave us a plenty amount of Daphne.

Mrs. Kawano also keeps chicken in the garden. I expected Miss Yang would be glad to see them. Healthy chicken were picking up grasses in the field. We also found a cute hamster.

As Miss Yang is not so familiar with the kitchen garden, Mrs. Kawano showed her the garden. Miss Yang is learning how to pick green vegetables up. Rape blossoms are good for marinade, Mrs. Kawano said. She also suggested Yang to pull Japanese radish up as well. Yang enjoyed the new experience. We got so many other vegetables like a bunch of brocculi, salad greens, and even red Andes potatoes. We were delighted to have a special experience today.
We soon boiled the brocculi for lunch. It was fresh and sweet. After lunch, Yang helped me wash dishes.
As it was so hard to stay at home on the day like today, we were tempted to drive up to Kujyu plateau which was about to change its color from winter brown to early spring green. The gentle slopes of the mountains were very beautiful, and black burned patches of the slope were impressive as well.

We then visited "Flower Park." The entrance fee was free because there were no flowers at all. They are preparing for planting flowers, and buds are already coming out of the soil. I said toYang to come here again when flowers are in full bloom.
Instead of actual flowers, we took around many souvenirs like peopling in the shop.
On the way back home, we stopped by my friend's wonderful loghouse in Kujyu plateau. The house was imported from Canada.

It was a perfect time for us. They were to have afternoon tea. Mr. Yamada kindly treated us with tasty coffee dripped by a siphon and Mrs. Yamada's home-made yogurt cake.
The wonderful quilt was elaborately hand-made by Mrs. Yamada. The color gradation was fascinating. She said she wanted a nice quilt that matches the green of the plateau.
They keep two lively rabbits besides a cat and a dog. The baby dog just came to the house yesterday. Mr. Yamada said laughing, "I am a dog, I don't have a name yet", a parody of famous novel by Soseki Natsume, "I am a cat. I don't have a name yet."
After we came back home, my husband Ken challenged the recipe he just learned from today's "Cooking Class for Men." Since he was exhausted with driving, Yang and I helped him prepare for "Jjiaozi", dumpling with minced pork and vegetable stuffing. We also made "Mustard marinated rape flower" and "Butter-roasted Andes potato."
After dinner, I talked about my travel to Korea several years ago over the album. We also found Yang's home on the map of Seoul. We had a pleasant evening. Then, what shall we do tomorrow? Yang wants to learn how to cook some Japanese dishes. Yes! we will make something together.


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