March 3 (Girls' Festival): We made spring-scarves by dyeing
by Mie
Today, on Girls' Festival day, we had a sub-meeting called "Tomorrow's Friend Group." As a member has brought in paper-crafted Hina Dolls used in a meeting somewhere else, we attached them on the blackboard. We will have a study on how to make "spring-colored scarves" by dyeing.
White silk texture will be dyed into colors according to one's preference to make scarves. There are all sorts of silk ;texture shinning satin, crepe de Chine, and double-folded georgette. Each of us picked up what one likes.
Mrs. Kita, who has a long experience of dyeing, will teach us today. She first makes dyestuff by dissolving the dye powder. "What color would you like?", she asks us.
Then we dip fresh silk texture we selected into water. Partial-colored dyeing requires hard tying of the parts to be left intact using rubber bands.

Add dissolved dye drop-by-drop into the boiling water to get the favored thickness. "Not yet? Shall I add another drop? OK, then immerse the cloth in the dye well, as the color will turn pale when the cloth gets dry. If you are OK at that density, add vinegar as a fixing agent." Mrs. Kita patiently teaches us.

"Look! look!, I got such a beautiful color!" Mrs. Yamada is delighted by getting what she wanted.
Then she wraps the wet cloth with towel to remove moisture, and finally irons it for finishing.
All scarves were completed. We displayed them immediately on the table. Here comes spring! From right: Light-pink based work by Mrs. Kita, my work with pretty rape blossoms color that makes me very satisfied, two-tone blue colored work by Mrs. Ono, who loves indigo blue. In the center a twig of camellia sets off the mini-exhibition. Next is the work by Mrs. Nishinaka, a beautiful patterned dyeing with pink. Mrs. Itonaga's work was blue color based tie-dyed scarf with a quiet marron-colored pattern. The left end work is of Mrs. Yamada, releasing full-spring atmosphere.
Today, we have had a very pleasant Girls' Festival Day by making wonderful scarves. We enjoyed bring-in lunch. We hope to have another dyeing class for those who couldn't join today. From left: Kita, Itonaga, Ono, Nishinaka, Mie, and Yamada.

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