February 27: Ms. Amy enjoys a tour around Beppu, Yufuin, and to my home
by Mie
After 25-26th Workshop was over, three guest speakers stayed in Kannawa-en hotel in Beppu. I picked Ms. Amy up and Mr. Fujino did Mr. Frank and Mr. Peter from Nano Space at the hotel in the morning. From left, Mr. Frank, Mie, Mr. Peter, the landlady, Ms. Amy, and Mr. Fujino.
After seeing-off Frank and Peter, we walked around the wonderful garden of the hotel filled with many kinds of flowers like ume, camellia, and even cherry blossom. Amy was delighted to find her favorite camellia.
After we left the hotel, we visited to Myouban hot spa in which "Essence of spa", or alum has been produced since Edo era. Amy looks like to be very interested in the place. We tried specialities like "spa-boiled egg" or "spa pudding."

As the weather was likely becoming clear, we went up to the height of Mt. Tsurumi by a cable car. We could look down mirror-like shining Beppu Bay and Suginoi hotel in which the Workshop was held. When we arrived the upper station, however, the weather suddenly turned rainy. The cold mist has descending from the top and filled the garden whose temperature was zero C. We hurried to the cable car station for the return.
Then, we visited Yufuin to take a lunch at Tamanoyu hotel. This is a Hina doll display. Amy was very glad to see the actual Hina dolls that she had once seen in a book at her grandmother's home in her childhood.
We took lunch in a very nice room. Amy was moved to see the simple beautiful room. We ordered "Hina Dish", this season's special. It was very tasty and colorful representing an early spring of Japan. We have fully enjoyed the lunch.
We were then guided to another room to take dessert. The Hina Dish included a wonderful present of tiny Hina Dolls. Amy was very pleased to have this lovely miniature doll set. I presented my set to her mother. Here comes Mr. Kunpei Mizoguchi, the president of the hotel, for greeting. He took us with his cherished camera. We also took a snap.
Amy is eager to look around many souvenirs in the shop.
After the lunch, we took hot spring. Now Mt. Yufu is smiling at us. On the left slope is trimmed with the lace of the ice-frost. Yufuin has fascinated Amy. She hopes the town will not become famous any more, and only those who love the town from the bottom of the heart will revisit.
On the way to my home, we dropped in a supermarket to buy foods for dinner. Amy was surprised to find tiny shopping cage and wagon compared with that of American size.

The menu of the dinner was boiled tofu, meuniere of fish fillet and vinegar marinated Salines specially cooked by my husband. Mr. Miyase, a COARA member who lives nearby, came up with his small boy. We enjoyed chatting by watching my home page on the PC. A small tatami room was prepared for Amy with futon for a sound sleep. We have had a pleasant day.

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