February 25-26: HyperNetwork '99 Workshop
"New World, New Society, New Network; CAN today"
by Mie
The Workshop was held on February 25 afternoon at Suginoi hotel in Beppu, Oita prefecture Japan.
I arrived the hotel a few minutes before the noon and helped prepare the materials. From left, Miss Mukai of COARA office, Ken, and Miss Umeno of Tenjin COARA.
The reception started at the lobby of the hotel. Attendants come one by one about 1:00 p.m.
At 1:30 p.m, the Workshop started at a large hall in the seventh floor. Mr. Shumpei Kumon, the chief of HyperNetwork Society Research Institute, makes the basic presentation.
The first theme is "Y2K" (Year of 2000 problem.) Akiko Takahashi of Sanwa General Research, makes a presentation on. She was once dispatched to COARA office for a year four years ago. Next speakers are Mr. Frank Robles and Mr. Peter Kaminski from Nano Space in Pal Alto, San Jose USA. The two young special guests are working hard in Silicon Valley to provide a new-type communication business. All attendants were amazed to hear their efforts to create a dramatically cheap and fast communication service in corporation with the city officials. Ms. Amy Borgstrom, another special guest from Athens Ohio USA, talked confidently about her communication network ACEnet. The discussion is heating.
After the discussion, a "Network party" was held at 6:30 in another room. The emcee is Mr. Ono, general secretariat of COARA. Mr. Kumon makes a greeting.
Mr. Kenichi Suga, a local member of COARA, proposes a toast, "Welcome to Beppu, I hope all of you enjoy hot springs and beautiful landscape of the city."

The Thursday regular Internet-OBS- broadcasting program called "Multimedia Cafe COARA" was started after 8 p.m. on live basis. Today's special guest is Mr. Yoshihiro Nakashima, the chief editor of Internet Magazine. He made a presentation on the forecast of the Internet in 1999 in the afternoon session today and introduced some interesting topics on he broadcasting as well. I am interested in a topic that people will be able to exchange E-mails without carrying personal computers. Mr. Hoashi takes picture for the Internet version program.
The attendants to the Workshop can watch the program on personal computers, because the program is simultaneously aired through the web and radio. This is a real media-mixed program.
After the air, we took hot spring and had another meeting until 10:30 p.m, followed by the relaxed "late-night-chatting" in a Tatami room wearing Yukata kimono. Here and there are circles of chatting. (Left) Mr. Kumon and Mr. Fujino wearing white Yukata. (Right) Mr. Ono, Ken, and Miss Kusamoto of COARA office.

(Left) Mr. Frank in white shirt and Mr. Peter in kimono came from Nano Space in Silicon Valley and relax tonight as well. (Right) I also enjoyed a pleasant chatting well late after 2 a.m. with those people from various part of Japan like Sendai, Tokyo, Kumamoto, Kitakyushu, and Fukuoka.

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