February 17: Group examination of osteoporosis
Today, we have a group examination of osteoporosis at a nearby public hall, sponsored by Oita municipal health center. The examination has a must for most females. As I knew that there would be a great number of women who have great concern on the medical check, I hurried there early in the morning. The hall was still closed and the people in charge of the check were waiting at the entrance carrying many medical instruments.
The application started well before the official opening time as there has already been a long line of examine. For me, this is the first experience. I am nervous what kind of medical examination should I have, and what the result will be. First, I filled up the check-form that asks me if I had been on a diet and make exercise in my young days, or what kind of food I have been taking.
I put my right foot on the examination instrument which is connected to a personal computer that monitors the density of the bone. Warm water comes out of the instrument bottom to dip my heel, then drained in some seven minutes. This was just what I did.
A doctor explains the result which was recorded on a check-sheet displaying a "Average Age-Value" diagram. My measured value seemed to be within the range of standard variation, but it was still not health number. I was advised to continue exercise, sun bath more, and keep present dietary habits.
On the left is my check-sheet. A leaflet, on the right, published by the Ministry of Welfare explains about "The symptoms of aging and its prevention" The paper says women should be more careful due to nature of the female sex hormone. Lack of calcium will result in which can be averted by taking enough health care such as:
  1. Take calcium-rich foods including milk, dairy products, small fish, green vegetables, and beans.
  2. Take plenty of exercise regularly, such as 10,000-steps-a-day walking, that may require your strong will.
  3. Bath in the sun properly. For example, 30 minutes in the shade in summer and an hour in direct sunlight in winter.
  4. Refrain yourself from smoking and drinking, don't forget not to take excess cafein as well. Yes, everything must go so-and-so.
Today, I could realize anew the importance of health.

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