Cooking Class for Men Index
1st: January 9
Meuniere of sole fish,
Boiled spinack,
Miso soup with taro
2nd: January 16
Finely chopped horse mackerel,
Boiled-up taro,
Clear soup of horse mackerel
3rd: February 6
Pork soup,
Marinated Japanese radish and carrot
4th: February 20
Chinese-style fried rice
Marinated bean sprouts
Pork and leek soup
5th: March 6
Mustard marinated rape flowers
Clam soup
6th: March 20
The flavor sauce sprayed on the fried mackerel
Clear soup
7th: June 5
Hard boiled rice
Fried sardine
Clear soup of water shield
8th: June 19
The grilled sardine
The vinegar dish
The color of Soumen noodle and sea grass
9th:July 3
Grilled egg plant
Udon noodle
Japanese style salad
10th: July 17
Ja-ja noodle
Golden yellow corn soup
marinated squid with Chinese hot pickles
11th:August 21
  Kimuchi Bokkumu
Chinese salad
   Ume perilla soup
12th:September 18
  Grilled beef with sesame sauce
vegetable pickles
   Green pepper marinated with dried bonito powder
13th:Sept. 22
Spicy Curry
Homemade pickles
14th: October 16
Autumnal Mackerel
Marinated radish and carrot
Miso soup
15th:Nov. 21
Fried chicken
Corn soup
16th: January 15, 2000
Hot sherbet tofu
Fried pork
vinegared turnip and persimmon

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