January 29: January COARA Night
by Mie

Some strange men are walking on the night street of Oita holding large yellow billboards in hands. It reads "COARA Night Open", or "Welcome to COARA Night." Yes, we have a regular COARA meeting for January.

This is Espacio, a newly opened beer hall, located in the basement floor of Oasis 21 building in downtown Oita. The advance party carries the yellow billboards and a projector like this. They came down by an escalator to set the billboards in front of the restaurant after getting the consent of the restaurant.

Mr. Takemoto, a member of Hyper Network Society Research, plays as the toastmaster tonight.

Mr. Ono, general secretariat of COARA, came back from a business trip to the USA just a few days ago. He looks like a little bit tired, but he made a very good exciting report tonight.

He projected the film he took in New York.
New York is, after all, a wonderful place.

Every attendant to night make a short report in random order as usual, including self introduction. Mr. Kai has closed his convenience stores last month and now relieved to spend a pleasant new year life with his family. He said he realizes a "real human-like life."

I talked with him about how to use a digital camera before the meeting. This is a test shot without flashlight.

When it was Mr. Shimizu's turn to speak, many glasses of beer were distributed. As everybody couldn't wait for the end of his speech, he was forced to propose a toast.
All members were delighted to drink to the last drop. The beer must have been very tasty for the. ( I just took a cup of Woolong tea.)

There are not so many attendants tonight, but it was very good to see as much as three new faces, from right Ms. Shinguu, and her friend Ms. Maseda (Was there any confusion of revealing your names on the web?). On the left sits Mr. Shimizu, well known active COARA member all the way from Kobe .

On the left is Mr. Uchida, who has just fully enjoyed skiing on the powder snow in remote Niseko, Hokkaido. I envy you! Mr. Shibata makes a lovely pose. He said he stopped "stop drinking", and tilted the beer glass pleasantly.

Mr. Kawasumi, left, joined the party after a long time, and Mr. Kuboki, right, laments how busy he is those days.

The conversation grew lively among the new faces in front of me, Miss Kusamoto of COARA office, and me. We took pictures each other by using digital cameras, saying "Look, you can just push here, it is so easy to take a picture, you know."

We agreed that we can enjoy many things through the Internet.

Other attendants were Mr. Inoue, Miss Korenaga, Mr. Seki, my husband, Mrs. Fujii, Mr. Yuuki, Mr. Fujio, Mr. Yoshino of OBS,and another new face Ms. Yamamoto. I was chatting and eating so eagerly that I forgot taking pictures of them. I am sorry. We have had a very nice COARA Night today.


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