January 19: Two Yufuin giants got "Transportation Culture Award"
by Mie

On January 19, a celebration party was held at Healthy-Spa Hall in Yufuin in commemoration with getting a prize of "Transport Culture Award." The winner were two giants of the town: Mr.Kunpei Mizoguchi (left) and Mr. Kentaro Nakaya (right.) The Minister of Transport, Keijirou Kawasaki, highly rated their activities to boost up the village through the effective use of transportation. The prize is regarded as very valuable one.

Many people in Yufuin were delighted by hearing the news and some of them planned the award-winning party. They made an appeal to the residents. Tonight, every participant paid 1,000 yen for oneself and some dishes were brought-in by supporters. I brought two dishes for the celebration party. Six proposers are on the stage (left), and Mr. Yoneta, general secretariat of Yufuin Sightseeing Committee Office, takes the chair.
Some of old friends who know the winner very well since their 30's disclosed pleasant episodes. Others made speeches hoping their health and leadership from now on as well. The party is going very well. After the toast, Mr. Naked (left) talks cheerfully with Mayor Yoshimura.
There were many dishes on the table. Rice pounding was a pleasant attraction. Mr. Mizoguchi (right) and Mr. Nakaya also tried the pestle. I enjoyed a cup of Zenzai (sweet soup) with newly pounded rice cakes in it.
More than 100 people mix pleasantly by chatting, laughing, and enjoying dishes and drinks. A big pod that can boil "Oden" (a Japanese dish containing all kinds of ingredients cooked in a special broth of soy sauce, sugar, sake, etc.) for 500 people is simmering with mouth-watering vapor, it is now ready for serve.

At the center of the main table is a fresh-bamboo tray that holds mini-sized carrots and Japanese white radish. They are dipped into a bowl of malted miso in front of the tray. The vegetables were one of wonderful present from nature of Yufuin, the masterpieces of the small local village. A piece of Ume flower was laid quietly on the dish (right.)
I am very glad to be among wonderful friends: from left Mr. Masakuni Kato (General secretariat of Yufuin Music Festival), me, Mr. Masafumi Ono (Chairman of Sansuikan Hotel), my husband Ken, Mrs. Shide (President of Musoen Hotel), and Misako Fuchino (Kotokotoya tea room.)
Mrs. Izumi Kuwano, daughter of Kunpei Mizoguchi, joined the party. I was very glad to see her after a long time.
At the end of the party, a bouquet was were presented to each winner. We gave three cheers for their health and further activities.

I love Yufuin very much. I believe all the attendant tonight will take over the passion of the two winners in order to keep making much more wonderful Yufuin from now on.

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