The first day of the year 1999
by Mie
Happy New Year! On the first day of the year 1999, we decorated a "Kagamimochi," or literally "Mirror rice cake" to celebrate the New Year. The shape of the rice cake is just like a mirror in ancient times.
It is an unusually mild New Year morning. We celebrated the first breakfast with "Osechi" dishes; a kind of special feast prepared exclusively for the New Year. We wear kimonos, which we do not use in our casual life. We meekly took a commemorative picture. Well, what year will be this year? I hope we can get along with a healthy life. I also expect that we can again visit Internet friend all around the world.
The homemade "Osechi" dishes were carefully prepared taking 3-4 days at the end of
the last month.
My husband cropped kumquats from the tree planted in the garden.
Black beans, one of major components of "Osechi," were patiently simmered for two days in an earthenware pot with some pieces of rusted nails that make the beans into beautiful black color.

After the morning celebration, we went out to view a grand vista from a nearby hill. We enjoyed very clear landscape of the Kujyu mountain range (Mt. Yufu on the left and Mt. Tsurumi on the right) and Shikoku island behind the Seto Inland Sea.
In the afternoon, we visited COARA office for greeting of the New Year. Surrounded with many personal computers, we baked rice cakes, dried up wine bottles, cleaned up food dishes, and enjoyed chatting. The rice cakes swell in this way, making a funny shape. As it was so funny, I had clean forgotten taking pictures of my friends. I hope we will have a beautiful year as usual.

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