July 18: After the travel

On next day we returned home, two big trunks were delivered through a delivery service company from Narita air port. I soon opened them to find many items like cloths and souvenir including pamphlets, maps, brochures, chocolate, coffee, and spices. for cooking. Each item reminds me of pleasant moment in the travel.
My small garden had turned to wild bush. Daisy is in full bloom. A small vegetable garden was first prepared about ten years ago. We usually bury all kitchen garbage under the garden to fertilize it. Tomato is growing healthy among the thick weeds. Now apart from a good old memory, I have to clean the garden.
Yellow pumpkin flower is blooming as well. By the way, what is this red root? This is the result of overgrowing of radish. I have never thought that radish could grow up to this size.
Evergreen oak trees are also overgrowing on the border of the neighbor. My husband soon hung a mosquito coil on his wrist and started trimming the bush. If trees are left as they are, they will be rotted from suffocation.

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