We arrived Japan on July 14th, and were back home on July 15th without any trouble.

The air plane took off San Jose air port at 1:00 p.m. and is cruising comfortably. I watched a air movie "Titanic." I remembered I saw salvaged silver spoons of Titanic in the museum of Queen Mary at Long Beach pier. Good bye America. We are entering Japan.
The plane landed Narita earlier than scheduled. I have heard that it had been very hot and humid in Japan, but actually it was considerably cool than expected in Tokyo. I was relieved by welcomed by my son and his wife who got married this February.
July 15th morning. We at once put place mats I brought as souvenirs on the table and took breakfast together. I felt I was now in Japan. My son has a plan to honeymoon in England starting next Saturday.
This is the end of our long travel. My home in Oita stands quietly in a drizzle. The garden is swelling by the trees and bushes. The house was taken care of by a COARA friend and neighbors. We deeply appreciate all those people. I am happy to be here safely. I shared my happiness with my husband.

I will close the last page of our "USA travel record." Thank you very much to all who warmly watched the web site.

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