July 13: Farewel to the USA

Try everything. My husband was taught by Eriko how to make orange juice from puree orange. I am learning to prepare crispy bacon, most Americans' favorite. I understand that there is exclusive microwave dish to grill the bacon. We have experienced much during our two months' travel in the USA. Today is the last day.

I picked a lemon fruit from the tree in the garden. This is the last breakfast with Mrs. Eriko. Mr. James has already went out to his office at about 6:30 a.m. Thank you very much indeed. I saw him off saying "I will go to the office at around 11:30." But I am not sure if he could understand my English.

The wonderful couple in a beautiful house. A dream-like week is passing so quickly. Mrs. Eriko takes us to the air port from now.
About 11 in the morning, I visited Mr. James' office to say good bye. We really appreciate the Blades' kindness extended to us.
I was surprised to find my home page on the display of the computer in the office. I was so delighted to hear that the members of the office took a look at COARA pages. I am very excited.

We left the office and passed by many offices like NEC and Hitachi and arrived San Jose air port within no more than ten minutes. The air port was recently expanded due to the increased number of foreign visitors. A beautiful air port surrounded with violet flowers. Can I return here, beautiful and familiar San Jose? Two months' pleasant memories and souvenirs are packed in the trunk. We will return to Japan from now.

A commemorative picture at the departure gate of the air port. Thank you very much dear Eriko and James, thank you again......
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