Silicon Valley Tour(2)

On the way back, James guided me many companies in Silicon Valley. I could easily understand that many companies were going to build offices in the Valley resulting in soaring of land and the cost of living. Some companies evacuate from the Valley to avoid the high cost. This is the office of Intel in El Dorado hill in the suburbs of Sacramento, the state capital of California. The area changed greatly with the construction of the office and access roads.
New building under construction in Silicon Valley.
We have already entered the central part of San Jose. I spotted a dear old sign, Fujitsu. Unknown violet flower was blooming on the tree. The street was quiet because on Sunday.
Across the Fujitsu office is a condominium complex for sale. It is said the price of the condo is soaring recently. San Jose is suffering from the shortage of housing and hotel.
When I turned the corner of Fujitsu building, I suddenly see such white building nicknamed "White House." This is AMD office.
Nearby is Kanematsu Engineering office.
National Semiconductor's Head Quaters
Another office of Texas Instruments occupying whole one block. There is a sign of the company at the foot of a big tree. If I miss the sign, I would have regarded the area as a beautiful park. All offices in Silicon Valley are barely visible from the streets through the thick green shadow of big trees and beautiful flower beds. The climate is also really crispy and clear. This is the best place to work. I can easily understand the reason why so many companies come to the Valley looking for brain infrastructure and environment.
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