July 12: The day before

We left Lake Tahoe at 9:30 a.m. and headed San Jose. I felt very sad that I couldn't see the snow capped mountains and clear water of Lake Tahoe anymore. This is a picture of a red-and-yellow colored balloon high in the air towed by a boat.
We traced back all the way we had come, down to San Jose more than 7,000 ft. It took 5 hours to go and 4 hours to return. The yellow plant in the field is Indian mustard.
Two water bottles. Can you identify the difference? On the right is a bottle we took and opened in Lake Tahoe. On the left is a normal bottle. The shape of right bottle becomes dented by the difference of atmospheric pressure. The pressure was so low at Lake Tahoe.
We will go back Japan tomorrow. We all were very nervous. James looked like tired of long hour drive, but kindly prepared for barbecue of Italian sausage. My husband is happy after enjoying swimming in the pool in the community garden. I am very busy in sorting many pictures taken by the digital camera.
James also prepared a Jacuzzi bath in commemoration of the last afternoon. The bubbles coming out of the jet holes made me very comfortable. The Jacuzzi was formerly hand made by James under the help of his friends.
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