July 11: Bonanza world

We can take breakfast in our room. Before going to bed, we check the "Room service card" and hung it on outside of the door. The breakfast is served at the time we designated. We can enjoy luxurious breakfast by viewing the breathtaking scene of Lake Tahoe.

Today, we drove around Lake Tahoe. We stopped at some scenic points and relaxed. This beach is called Zephyr Cove Resort opened in 1862, more than 130 years ago. A lot of people are enjoying boating and bathing.

Luxurious houses are on the beach. This is one of the scenic points, featuring a beautiful contrast of pine tree, rock and clear water . I found a man who was playing with a personal computer. It was very funny to see such a person.
Next stop is my old(?) place. This is Ponderosa Ranch where film crews captured the action for TV's "Bonanza," the most popular western of all time. I first recognized that the film was taken here. The Ranch was a part of vast gold mining site. Many things of the day are displayed in the Ranch.
The building is one of Bonanza's film. The doll familiar with the TV film sits on the bench. Old TV film is showing here with explanation. It was really a sweet pleasure to listen dear old theme song again after such a long time.

The old days daily life is recreated in the Ranch. This is an action show of the gunfight, cheered with many visitors. After the show, people take picture with the "Sheriff, dance hall girls, and outlaws." On the right, a family enjoy taking pictures in old costumes and making pose.
A recreated pub decorated with many stuffed heads and horns of buffalo and deer.
Then settlers headed West frontier riding on such prairie schooners. I am very sorry that I missed to wear my Ten-gallon hat.
An unusual machine looks like a steam locomotive.
Hoss' Mystery Mine. On the entrance is a notice, "Elderly persons are recommended NOT to enter." I wondered what it was and entered. The Mine defies the laws of gravity making people laughing and staggering left and right.
This is the secret of the Mine. The Mine is tilted just a little bit like this, but it is very strange that people can't walk straight.

Today's Extra

I looked around the hotel. This is the state line sign "California State." I took a commemorative picture in the center of the road. My right leg stands on Nevada state and left leg on California state.

The exit sign of the parking lot, indicating "California Exit left, Nevada Exit right."
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