July 10: Lake Tahoe

I have been asking the James' to arrange a trip to Lake Tahoe from the beginning. Today is the very day to drive up there. I got up early in the morning and sent home page files to the server. At 9:40, we left home by Mr. James' driving. We passed through his office, Micromedia, and other offices like AMD and 3COM. After passing Milpipas crowded with Filipinos, we continue heading west to Stockton.

Brown hills that look like desert turn green on the spring rains. This is Livermore district. Hundreds of windmill are rotating on the top of the hill to generate electricity. When I looked back, I felt somewhat eerie, so many windmill are rotating quietly in the hot desert.
The area grows California rice and vegetables that supplies almost 70 % of the demand in the US. Many tomato trucks are running highways. You can find some wineries around here, as you may see, grape fields stretches as far as eye can reach. Soon we passed by Stockton to which ocean freight can sail up San Francisco bay to load the agricultural product.
We change the direction at Stockton to head North. We came up to a place called Foothill, an old Pacific coast line in ancient time. The area is now a large farm land growing many kinds of agricultural product. Many fossils of dynasauls are excavated here as well. Passing through Sacramento, the state capitol of California, we still continue to drive heading Lake Tahoe. We took a break after driving 2.5 hours.
We passed an old gold mining site called "El Dorado." In gold rush days of the West, the town flourished by gold mining. San Francisco was constructed by the financial support of the gold produced here. The road became narrow and winding. We drove up along a clear stream that runs snow melted water of Shiera Nevada Mountains.
Several years ago, a bush fire broke out and burnt vast area of the valley. After that land slide took place here and there in the valley. The access road was closed for two years for reconstruction.
Soon we occasionally saw snow capped peaks through the thick forest of pine and fur trees. Yes, this is a part of Siera Nevada Mountains which we spotted afar during the flight from Los Angeles to San Jose. Some peaks are still snow capped even in July.

We drove up to about 7,200 ft altitude. We could view snow capped peaks in short distance. We also viewed the runway of Lake Tahoe airport. Mr. James had once flew from San Jose and landed frequently the air port to take lunch when he was young. He says it takes only 30 minutes by air, compared with 4-5 drive.
In the thick forest of pine and fur, there are many pretty motels and inns along the shore of Lake Tahoe. I found a traffic sign like this. Yes, I stepped in from California state to Nevada state. Our hotel stands a few feet inside of Nevada state. I was surprised to enter Nevada state so suddenly.

We stayed at the most luxurious and largest hotel in the area. I can view great landscape of snow capped mountains and Lake Tahoe through my room at the 17th story.
Looking the breathtaking view through the window, I work on my computer to compile the pictures. Unfortunately, I couldn't connect to the web, but I love to sit and view the fabulous scenery.

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