July 9: Silicon Valley Tour(1)

Mr. James Blade, whose home I am staying, is one of the prominent entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Today, the Blades took us to a wonderful tour around the Valley. On the way to Stanford University, we visited headquarters of Apple Computer.

Behind the billboard is such a beautiful an avenue lined with poplar trees like this. A beautiful blue glass buildings are in the back.
Texas Instrument office. At the reception, I could get various kinds of brochure.
On 9 July, Mr. James specially shared one of his busy days for us and guided to many offices in the Valley. First, we visited Intel. We use Intel's chip in my computer. This is the headquarters of Intel. The office is just like a beautiful park with flowers. Many people enjoy the park.
In the reception room are many luxurious sofas and a picture of the founder.
Just beside of the room is a display corner easily illustrating the history of the company. The corner was crowded with young visitors. This is an enlarged model of a chip. When you put green or blue chips into the grid, the panel pattern changes to illustrate how a chip works. Now, I have just put a red chip.

Recently, Silicon Valley has so saturated that it needs another place to build new offices and residential housings. The town looks very vivid, but the prices of land and daily expense are soaring.
I found many billboards like Cannon, Toshiba, and Sony. Hyundai of Korea, Phillips of Holland, S-MOS, ALTER are among them. It is hard to take all those company into my camera.
Popular Yahoo is located close to Mr. James' office. He kindly get some Yahoo brand T-shirts for us. I soon wore and visited Yahoo.
I found a strange colored old car. This is the very car of the founder Yahoo, he still drives with this car. In a good timing, a newspaper of July 9 reports that the young (29 years old) founder became a billionaire.

Yahoo's headquarter is in an office complex building. When I opened the door, such a yellow based coloring reception hall welcomed us. There are some personal computers. It seems that the symbol colors of the company are yellow and violet. I wonder what Mr. James was doing on the computer. He looked back in smile and winked, saying he just left the screen displaying my home page titled "San Jose Tour." The doll could be the president in his young days.
I went around the building to find Yahoo's shop. It seems me that the main office became small and they opened a new office in a nearby corner.
I was tired of the company tour. We visited Mr. James' favorite restaurant featuring spare rib. When I lifted the rib, the juicy tender meat was just about dropping onto the dish.
We asked to wrap the excess meat and brought it back home.

Today's extra: Italian supermarket

Americans look like love Italian food. Of course, I love it. Mrs. Eriko kindly took me to an Italian food shop run by an Italian. There are lots of Italian food such as cheese and ham. Salesclerks were happy in chatting with us and said in smile "Please enjoy San Jose life."
So many kinds of yogurt make me at a loss which one should I choose. There are so many unfamiliar pastas packed in large unit and stacked high.

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