June 5: Los Angeles downtown

Tomorrow, we have to leave Los Angeles and head to San Jose. I asked Jim to go to downtown Los Angels. We drove up there through multi-lane highways on which many cars are running smoothly as if they are conveyed on a belt conveyor. At the south of the downtown, we got out the highway and passed through many small streets. There are a lot of stores like car parts dealer, furniture shop, and cloths shops.
Passing through those area, we came up to Little Tokyo. This is a statue of "Sontoku Ninomiya", a very rare statue even in Japan. The statue was first used as a control measure of Japanese people's mentality in war time, praising industriousness and forcing blind obedience to the then government's policy.
In this district, I could see a Japan-America Society and many Japanese stores.
The oldest shopping street in Los Angeles. I feel somewhat Mexican atmosphere, although I don't know Mexico well.
China Town. It is always crowded, including week ends. I saw many people on the streets moving around swiftly. I am not sure the reason but I saw many signs of bank of big buildings.
Tall buildings in the center of downtown. The roads are almost empty because on Sunday.. Jim said "I am happy to drive in such empty roads" and explained this and that.
I stayed in this hotel 19 years age by alone on the way home. I was the very nervous in a restaurant of the hotel.
From downtown to Hollywood. I saw a pavement embedded with star-shaped marks on which famous star's name is engraved. There are many movie theaters crowded with visitors and spectators. Through Beverly Hills' gouges residential area, I came up to Rodeo Drive, a famous shopping area. I enjoyed a window shopping, looking some high-sensed street restaurants and luxurious limousines parking at famous brand shop. The street was very exciting for me. We finally drove back about an hour to Jim's home in Irvine which enjoys clean air compared with downtown.

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