July 4: The Independence Day

How to spend in the morning?

Today is the Independence Day, a national holiday. All Americans expect the Day. Jim is expecting to see his son's family who have been travelling for days. We discussed what should we do in the morning, breakfast or IMAX movie? We decided to see IMAX.
Today's IMAX program is "Into the Deep" starting 10 in the morning. We hurried and arrived just on time. There are many big buildings here including 21 theaters.
The program is a 3D movie. We use a goggles like this. The movie was very realistic, I just felt as if I were drawn into the deep and I unexpectedly tried to brush off the kelps in front of my eyes. I also moved by many unusual scenes like the ecdysis of a giant lobster and eerie creeping of a 20-legged star fish. Time passed so quickly.

There are many stands outside of the theater building. I saw some bonsais at a stand but they seem me something like "foreign style."
What was interesting was a stand of cigar. A skilled workman was skillfully demonstrating making up cigars from the leaves of tobacco. Naturally enough, a cigar is made of 100 % tobacco leaf, it is natural but I felt something unusual. We took brunch at a coffee shop for the first time we arrived at Irvine.
Washing and prepare for BBQ party in the afternoon

We washed cloths this afternoon in preparation for flying to San Jose the day after tomorrow. Jim is preparing for a barbecue party. I take a look about many kinds of spices or copying recipe from cooking books.

Berbecue and watching fireworks

In the evening, we packed many things in the car and went to a nearby park to enjoy a barbecue. The park is just 3-4 minutes on walk. There are many facilities like tennis court and pool for the residents of the area. The barbecue sets are the part of it. Any resident can use the set by opening the gas cock to grill meat. This is really nice place to spend a cool evening.

Jim left a message on the door to his son who was still driving toward home. When the barbecue was ready, the son's family arrived at last. They came back home after seven hours drive. Jim quickly became a good grandfather. After dark, the party was over. Then we watched fireworks from a hill side with a grand view all around the area. We could see 6-7 fireworks at the same time, launched from Disney Land or beaches.
A mini-fireworks
Before going bed, a couple of the neighbor brought some fireworks. We all enjoyed the small fireworks.
The neighbor and my husband try to ignite a firework but it doesn't go well. It is also funny to watch it. Another neighbor joined us to have a fun.
We were so deep in laughing and chatting on the road late in the night that we forgot even drinking. The neighbor across the road said he had once been to Japan and the conversation became more lively. Today, I looked down deep into the water and looked up in the sky.

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