July 2: The Pacific Aquarium

We first tried to drop in the Pacific Aquarium newly opened in Long Beach last week on the way to Jim's home from the air port. At that time we gave up hoping to enter it because of the long line surrounding the building. But we tried today again and found a much longer line waiting patiently for more than an hour.
The entrance fee is $13.95 for adult and $11.95 for senior. This is a reasonable system. Jim and my husband got senior tickets. A big globe is in the main hall.
A whale model is hanging down from the ceiling, looks like swimming.

Many tropical fish. This is eventually a big show of an aquarium.
An open pool of the upper level. I think aquariums only in California can construct outdoor pools because they have less rain all through the year. In the pool are small rays and skates. Aquarium teachers explain children to touch them to experience an electric shock for protection.
Two storied deep pool designed to watch swimming sea lions. I expected to see them to land on the shore, but they didn't.

The funniest fish of the day. Can you identify the fish? On the right is yellow kelp and you can see a little bit white fish in the center and on the left. When fish swim across the kelp, it is very hard to spot them. The fish is called "Reef Dragon fish."
Cool breeze is blowing outside and sun shines brightly. On the back is Queen Mary we visited the other day.
Jim had a guest tonight as well. She has been learning in UCI for a year and often comes here to get help from Jim on study and daily life. She also give advice to Ms. Y, a new comer. Jim takes care of many Japanese students very much.
Today's recipe is a Mexican casserole which Jim has prepared in advance. He is really an excellent chef. We haven't eaten out since we arrived here yet he has prepared for us different dishes each time. I am really impressed.

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