June 22: Arrived Arizona

We said goo-bye to our wonderful Charleston Guest House,

and Indians who kept loving Fox River,

we headed to O'Hare air port.

We returned the rental car we drove for a week without problem.
A shuttle bus of the rental car company took us to American Air line's terminal. The driver is a really powerful guy. A TV says Phoenix's temperature is 107 F.
Our plane took off at 11:20a.m. heading to Phoenix, Arizona. The landscape gradually changes from green farm land of Illinois to brown arid surface. Round green spots are the fields with circular watering system.
I saw snow covered mountain of Colorado afar.
Again, flying over an arid zone.
A big lake rimmed by green forest.
After 3 hours and 11 minutes, we arrived Phoenix, Arizona. Green lawn we saw until this morning vanished away and we are now in the midst of a brown world. The mountains around the air port are not so high and look like lumps of brown rocks.

A souvenir shop in the air port. A big cactus tells me "You are now in Arizona."

A miniature of Himeji castle surprised me. Phoenix and Himeji are sister cities.

Mr. & Mrs. Don welcomed us at the air port and took us to his home. The temperature is about 95 F and hot window is raging outside. We soon enjoyed swimming at the private pool. How nice it is!

Mr. Don's mother and me. There is a jumping board on the pool. White wall, red roof, cobalt blue sky, harsh sunshine make my head swimming.

Beautiful bloom of bougainvillea in the garden.

I see strange flower like this everywhere.

In front of Mr. Don's house. The lawn is watered by sprinklers. The rainfall of this area is 7 inches a year.

Walking around an artificial pond after diner. Sun sets about 8 p.m.
Let me introduce Mrs. Mayumi Plym to COARA members. They got married this May. There is a Mexican atmosphere around Mr. Don's house. Although I have never been to Mexico. the scene is just the same I saw on movies. The deep eaves make shadow and blinds are hung from the windows to make house as cool as possible. Every plant in the garden is watered at its root with a small pipe. The watering cycle is controlled by a computer. The soil is reddish, sky is blue, leaves of palm trees and pine rustle in the wind. I actually feel I have come a long way.

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