June 20: Again, our dear old town Oak Brook

When we were living in Oak Brook, it was a wonderful town having all township function like office, housing, and shopping center. The town has been developing since then and becomes much attractive place. This is the headquarters of world famous McDonald to which we used to go to take lunch at the cafeteria with my favorite salad bar in it. Unfortunately, it is closed on Saturday.
Next to McDonald is a huge shopping center of Oak Brook. We often came here because it was very close to our apartment. The center is decorated with many flower gardens as if it were a park or a flower field. There are many new nice shops like Tiffany or RolaAshley's
This corner reminds us of the old days. Even though we have nothing to buy, we still feel pleasant by just enjoying window shopping and chatting on a bench.
Next stop is a more popular shopping center including my once favorite supermarket. This time, we got shopping cards and bought some items just like we had done so before.
I got a carton of milk for breakfast use, but all bottles are large in size. I am looking for smaller size. There are so many kind of milk like non-fat, vitamin D added, and others that make me confused to select. American people look like sensitive to excess fat, but they love too sweet food. If they cut even a half amount of the sweet food, they would become more slim. Whenever I take dessert, I feel headache by the sweetness of it.
Look at this huge space. This is just a part of an average-sized food shop. But it makes me tired to look around the shelves to get what I want.
There is a mountain of cherry. As cherry is too expensive to buy enough, I made up my mind to get it. I put some of them into a vinyl bag to be scaled. The price is $1.99 per pound. As it came from Washington DC, I wondered if it was picked at Potomac river bank.
We took diner at Aurelio in a corner of the shopping center. The restaurant is also our most favorite place. We have been worrying about if Aurelio still existed, but it is there like this. A waiter said they cerebrated 20th anniversary last year. We ordered 13 inch diameter pizza. A dear old taste, indeed.
Of course, it is too big for two to eat at one time. I asked to wrap half of it for tomorrow lunch. I was very glad to realize my dream to visit here with my husband. I remember we used to come here in group and enjoyed whenever we had guest. On the way home, we visited our closest friends who then took care of us. Unfortunately they have moved already to Pittsburgh on business, but we are lucky to meet their daughter who keep the house. She was a lovely girl then.

Now, we have almost finished what we had intended to do in Chicago. We can visit next destination without regret.

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