June 19: Looking around St. Charles

St. Charles is located in Fox River valley. The symbol mark of the town is fox.
We went out for dinner. We see such a luxurious house nearby. The fountain in the garden is wonderful.
The area in which we stay is called Old St. Charles. There are many old buildings and antique shops that make the town famous nationwide. It is about 8:30 p.m. As restaurant is usually air conditioned so cool, I wear such a cloth this evening.
The Municipal Hall stands on the river bank.
An old-fashioned building is a hotel. Some stores were still opened. Most shops close at 6 p.m. and open at noon on Sunday.
A pretty shop filled with long and short cylindrical goods.
The clerk made me look through it. It is, unexpectedly, a kaleidoscope. I bought two small kaleidoscopes that can show me everything in the world. The shape of it is just like a cylindrical seal in shape and size. I hang it from my neck like a pendant. The scope turns everything to a mysterious world to open.
An old building on a back street. May be the public hall.
The billboard reads "Karaoke."
Some enjoy fishing in the evening in Fox river.
We took dinner at a restaurant on the river bank. Recently we have learned that one dish is enough for two of us, I take an appetizer and my husband orders a main dish. We share the dishes to get proper amount of food and enjoy the dinner to the end. Many American people around us eat so much that makes us surprise.

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