June 18: Drive to Lake Como, Wisconsin

Illinois state, in which Chicago is located, is one of the greatest grain-belt in the world. Today, we visited to see such a landscape. This is a field near Wisconsin state border. On the back is a typical farm with silos. In the field, corn is growing.
Wisconsin welcomed us with such a sign. Corn field is spreading as far as the eye can reach.
Soon we entered into an area abounding in lake. Many people enjoy boating like this, towing boat by car. The parking lot is used exclusively for boat launching.
We once stayed at a resort hotel Interlaken on the shore of lake Como. We are very delighted to find the hotel and lake have preserved the atmosphere of the old days. Even in summer, we saw a burning fireplace in the lobby.
This is lake Como. Many beautiful cottages and hotels are on other side of the lake as well. When we visited the lake last time in winter, it was completely frozen and had thick ice on the lake. We all enjoyed snow mobile and enjoyed a cross country skiing in the nearby forest. Our son first learned skiing here.
This time in a summer, we wanted to try boating. As my husband doesn't have motor boat license, we rented a simple paddle boat. But we have asked to wear such a life vest that reminds me of Titanic movie. My hasband was asked to deposit his drive license at the boat house. Anyway, we have "driving engines" and a ladder.
A luxurious summer house on the shore of the lake. An exclusive pier stretches from the terrace. Lotus flowers are blooming on the surface of the lake. Oh, I want to have such a nice house, indeed.
An hour paddling made us very tired and hungry. We enjoyed lunch at the hotel. Salad bar is one of my favorites. We ordered beer and coffee. Coffee is served in such a big pot at just $1.25. We could drink as much as we wanted.
After the lunch, we drove down to Lake Geneva, a larger and more crowded lake than lake Como.
"Christmas Memorial Shop", opens year round.
Inside of the shop makes me pleasant and happy. All the rooms are decorated with all kinds of Christmas goods. I got a small Christmas tree as a souvenir.

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