June 18: Downtown Chicago

Leaving from Lake Como, we headed to downtown Chicago through such a broad road that continues long ahead. The road gradually becomes crowded as we approach to lake Michigan.
Near Wilmette, IL, north of Chicago. A beautiful garden. I am taking a video, what is she filming?
A beautiful building called Bahai temple, claiming world peace beyond the boundary of all religions.
The ceiling of the dome. A marvelous decoration like spread lace cloth.
Now, we arrived downtown Chicago. The Lake Shore drive is the most scenic highway of Chicago. The best spot to view the skyline of Chicago is Adler Planetarium pier. I treated myself to pay $5 for parking. I dipped my feet to the water of Michigan and took this picture. On the left is the tallest building in the world, Sears Tower. The sky looks threatening.
A shop of Buckingham Fountain through the car window.
I am sorry that Chicago Art Museum was already closed. Two lions sit on each side of the entrance.
Now, we are going to climb Sears Tower. We parked the car for $8 and waited for the elevator. What is pity, the sky deck is suddenly closed because of the bad weather. We got a refund at the ticket office. When we got back to the entrance hall, what is surprising, it was stormy outside with lightning and heavy shower. I have a deep relation with "water" today.
I wanted to take a picture from the deck of the highest building, but I have no choice. I have to satisfy myself by such a picture on the wall, a competition of the height of the building all around the world. The second tallest building is recently completed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
My husband plays on a relief of the chief engineer who designed the building.
People wait for the recovery of the weather in the hall. Fierce lightning and heavy shower shut the visitors in the hall. We were among them. After the shower has weakened, we dashed to the parking building across the street. We finally scurried away to home in the storm through highway. We didn't have diner tonight.

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