June 16: Visit to our dear old places

We visited to a river side park at Fox river. When we came here 19 years ago, we took our son with us. He came to see us from Japan by alone during his winter holiday of a junior high school. The river the was covered with thin crust of ice.
We remember this old windmill. As the slope was covered with snow, my son played with a slay dashing from the top of the slope toward the river. I frightened him if you dash so rapidly, you would dive into the river.
This is the building in which my husband's office was once located. The area looks like much more active than before. Just next to the building is Hyatt hotel in which my husband used to live alone for a while.
After we started to live together, we rented an apartment nearby. I have been anxious if the apartment still existed, but what is surprising, it is there just in the same beautiful appearance as what it was once. I feel as if I experience a time slip.
The entrance of the apartment complex. This is the stairway to the "room" in the third floor.
Our room was the east end of the third floor.
The pond has been changed little. Have the willow trees become bigger a little? It was really a sweet pleasure to visit the apartment again after such a long time.

Today's extra: Today we did many things before visiting the apartment.

This is the rental car we got at O7Hare air port. There is no number plate. A sheet of paper with license number is attached on the rear window instead. Can we drive such a car? I feel somewhat uneasy.
I sent a digital video film back to COARA office in Japan from a nearby post office. The post office has the similar atmosphere with that of in Washington DC. There are many pleasant items neatly arranged on the shelves, may be called "post office goods" like those. I got post cards unexpectedly.
We went to a nearby hair salon. My husband got his hair trimmed and I had a hair manicured.
The hair shop is of an antique style and the equipment is not new, but the floor is real wood. The shop is making good business. I was neatly hair dressed. Both of us were quite satisfied. The rate was $20 for husband and $55 for me, and $5 tip.

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