June 15: Arrived Chicago

We arrived at O'Hare air port of Chicago for the first time in 19 years. I am so delighted. We soon picked our baggage up and got a reserved rental car in front of the baggage claim.
A shuttle bus of Dollars takes us to the office through the vast area of the airport. Planes are frequently taking off and roaring over our head. We got a pure white rental car. What is surprising, it is a brand-new car with with odometer reading of just 2 miles. Even the license plate is not attached in front and back. A sheet of paper indicating a would-be car number is attached on the inside rear window. Is this an American way?
We drove down west I-90 by reading dear old names of the place on traffic boards. We arrived a private lodge built in 1872. Whole housing looks like antique. This is a place my Internet friend found on the web for us.
Our room is the most luxurious one of the three upstairs rooms. This is the saloon in the upstairs. We will take breakfast here.
This is the room which has been talked much about. Curtain and furniture are really marvelous. On the right is the curtain for the bed. Antique long chair offers the best chance of napping. A classical wall clock matches well to the room. Oh, yes there is an hour time difference between Washington DC. The hostess has kindly provided us of an extension phone code for Internet connection. I could easily connected to the web.
The bathroom is also great. The wooden toilet seat fascinated me. Next door is the room of the hostess's mother. The other room on the corridor is of simple designed room with light blue color basis. Now, we will spend one week life in Chicago. I am expecting much about it.

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