June 15: Farewell to Washington DC

The last night in DC. We went to Dupont Circle through a big street on which many ambassadors are located. A lot of people enjoy evening walk. The time is around nine o'clock. After that, we changed our clothing to visit a high-class hotel for dinner. The hotel has a long and distinguished history of accommodating state guests all around the world. Yet there is a lounge in which we can enjoy a simple dinner without reservation. We cerebrated the last night of Washington DC.
June 15th morning. Cleaning up the suite in which we spent past two weeks. A vanity was used for PC communication table. We washed bed shits and other cloths as well.
I have cooked here many kinds of dishes like stew, bean curd topped with a sticky sauce, spaghetti and so on. Thank you very much, now I will polish it up.
All the belongings were put into two trunks. Ready for departure. Thanks to many people, we could spend really useful days. We may feel we don't want leave Washington if we stay here longer.
We caught a taxi on a nearby street to the nearest subway station. We got tickets to Reagan air port. The fare is $1.10 per passenger. Every station is equipped with escalators and elevators for disabled or large-baggage passenger.
We used an elevator to the platform level, it looks like a space-city or future-city with indirect illumination. When a train approaches, platform embedded illumination flickers to give alarm to the passengers. A young guy got on a train with a bicycle.
Reagan(former National) air port. On the black signboard is the route map. This station serves for blue line and orange line. In front of a train, the color name is indicated to give a very easy identification at a glance. On the right is the control tower of the air port, which is visible easily from downtown Washington.
Since we had checked the air port the day before yesterday, we could check-in easily. Now we are free from big trunks. We enjoyed lunch in relaxed atmosphere. When take-off, I could see Capitol. I said good-bye through the air plane window. I wish I could come here again.
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