June 11: Sent a parcel by surface

We have been in the US for almost four weeks. I remember I hadn't bought so much, but many brochures and pamphlets we got here and there have become pretty heavy. I decided to send them back to Japan from a nearby delivery service company. We will go there from our apartment on foot. This is the lobby of our apartment. Washington seems to be suffering from chronic lack of parking space. a lot of parking sign are everywhere saying "only $6 all day." It looks like cheap at a glance, but if you park and ride many times a day, the cost will become intolerable level.
We visited a delivery office which we have checked the location in advance.
A reliable clerk packed my items very skillfully.
A good service.
All kinds of packing material are ready for use. Over the head is a bag of plastic spacer.
Today's extra. A garbage truck. A couple of big guys are working around the big truck. But look, a lovely teddy bear is hang on the front.

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