June 11: Smithonian Institute

During my husband translate my original diary into English, I went to Smithsonian Institution by alone. The weather is just about to rain, giving a different appearance of the familiar streets.
I visited the National Museum of American History. The front garden is decorated with lovely petunia. Many school pupil were also visited it led by teachers. Smithsonian Institute consists of ten or so museums. You can enter any museum by free. I felt those pupil are happy because they can see such wonderful genuine arts.
I have long been expecting to watch the quilting art of the US like this. The front quilt looks like quiet at a glance, but it was woven in 1885. The patch work of buckets were made from the mother's dress of the artist. Background pattern is delicately stitched ivy and little birds.
I have once read on paper about "The first lady's daily life exhibition." Today, I could finally see it. There were many displays of the successive first ladies' role beginning from the wife of president Washington and beautiful dresses of them. I was specifically moved by the golden dress dyed with tall goldenrod, scarlet suit of Nancy Reagan, and a smart ensemble of Jackie Kennedy. After that, I visited The National Gallery. It was so impressive that I visited it again in the afternoon.
Today's extra. A shopping at a nearby supermarket. Today's items are...bread, pickles of cucumber, mustard, lettuce, tomato, ham, cheese, and made-in-America Ramen(left.) In front is Hummus brand paste made from chickpeas, roasted red pepper, and others with 100% olive oil. It is spread on the bread as a base of hamburger ingredients. On the right is tomato sauce to be used for spaghetti.

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