June 11: End of drive

Our drive around Virginia is approaching to its end. It has been like a tour visiting after the memory of George Washington and the Civil War remnants. The last visit is a place that can't be missed, Fredericksburg VA. Big oak trees with wide stretched branches could have quietly witnessed the Civil War, just 130 years ago.
A monument of fierce battle at Fredericksburg.
Although it is difficult to identify, stone walls and forts of Confederate and Union still remain as they were. A white cottage is reconstructed on the original ground. The guide plate illustrates the details of the battle.
There is a National Cemetery on a hill adjacent to the battlefields. The hill(Willis Hill) was also a part of fierce battlefields.
Passing through the historic battlefield, I came up to the old town of Fredericksburg where George Washington loved. The catch copy says "If Washington come here today, he would have be happy to see little change of the town." Many antique shops offer a pleasant window shopping.
We are approaching to Washington DC, the end of the drive. What I felt by this time's drive: America is so vast, anyway. It is almost impossible to judge from a map the real distance between the points of interest and visit many places in a day. To stay in one point and relax is an American way. I finally learned it.

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