June 10: Trip around Virginia

Roads in Virginia state abound with variety such as valley and mountain.
Driving is very easy on highways. Sometimes such a big long truck pass by my small car. I feel as if I were attracted to it.
I think I am already accustomed with driving, but my appearance looks like a little bid nervous and my shoulder is still stiff.
We visited Natural Bridge near I-81 and I-64 junction. I first thought I could view it directly from a road. But I had to pay here for the ticket. I was also surprised to find a marvelous hotel nearby.
Entrance ticket was $4 per adult. Passing through the paved trail along a stream, I came up to a huge stone tunnel, carved by natural force. Many benched were on the trail to enjoy the bridge. George Washington surveyed the area for Load Fairfax, and in 1774 Thomas Jefferson purchased from King George 3 the "rock bridge to ensure it was available to the public and built a two room log cabin for guests.
The map lead us to a fall at the end of the trail. I found a small cascade after ten minutes walk. Niagara fall is so famous in the US, but tourist are still happy to view such a pretty cascade. A shuttle bus carries aged and disabled people to the entrance gate.
Next stop is Appomattox National Park in which Confederate General Lee surrendered to Union General Grant on April 9, 1865.
This is the place, originally the court house of Appomattox county. The building was reconstructed, but the sofa and vases on the mantelpiece are original. Other original furniture and items are preserved in National Museum of American History in Washington DC.
This painting is faithful to history. Lee signs the surrender document. The same furniture appear on the picture. On the left is a sheet of white dish towel used as the first sign of surrender by Lee.
A man wearing then Confederate clothes explains to visitors how the fierce battle was fought.
Then shop was reconstructed as well. I remembered a TV program of "A small house on prairie." It was just 130 years ago.

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