June 9: The summit of Shenandoah

Last night we stay in a comfortable lodge. Today, we drove to a entrance to climb the summit of Shenandoah park. The guide billboard writes "Round trip two hours, 1.7 mile." But we made it about an hour by Japanese style rushing.
My husband got a Shenandoah cap at the shop of the lodge in commemoration with the climb. We climbed the trail through the thick forest. The blue marking on big trees is the guide sign of the trail, easy to identify. We heard bird singing and saw some lovely birds. American way of climbing would be more slowly and enjoyable.
This is the Hawksbill summit, 4049ft. I could enjoy great landscape, many mountain waves are melting into the sky.
A commemorative picture.

Daily life (2)

A homemaker can't be free from garbage even during a sightseeing trip. This is a trash box in my room in the top floor of the ten-storied apartment. Each floor has a small trash room equipped with a garbage chute. This is a recyclable garbage box. Kitchen garbage is treated by the disposer in the sink.
This is a garbage box in Shenandoah National park. Garbage is put into the box through the opening. This structure prevent garbage from littering by badger or deer. Just before I took this picture, a wild deer appeared on the lawn in front of the lodge. I tried to take a snap of it but missed.

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