June 5: A nice sight seeing day

We first intended to get on a bus, but it was not so easy to identify the bus route. Finally we walked, walked, and walked. About ten minutes walk from the apartment brings us to the White House. But this is the backyard of it. I am taking video as you see.

We wanted to see the inside of the White House, but it is really hard to get tickets. I tried a couple of times to get them but failed. This is why I take picture only from outside of the House. Unfortunately, there is a big tent in front of the White House. Sorry we can't see the familiar scene.

A man was appealing peace. When I turned my camera. he made a V-sign by quickly taking out a billboard in Japanese that reds "No More Hiroshima" in yellow color.

I have at last given up sightseeing of always crowded White House and Washington Memorial. I went to Lincoln Memorial on foot. Behind me is a very large, long long reflecting pool with many lovely waterfowls drifting. Many people are jogging around the pool.

Lincoln Memorial. The temple was built in commemoration with Lincoln and his thought.

The Korean War Memorial. Eighteen soldiers are about to walk out. I have been thinking of the monument since I read the report of Mr. Ono, general secretariat of COARA, who visited here last year. The monument appeals to the visitors how terrible the war was.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial. In honor of the men and women, totaling more than 58,000, of the armed forces of the United States who served in the Vietnam War. The names of those who gave their lives and of those who remain missing are inscribed in the order they were taken from us. On the right is Washington Memorial. School pupil led by teachers are everywhere gazing those memorials. I understand this is the origin of identity of the American people and history.

I feel somewhat dark feeling. I passed through the Memorial and walked along Virginia avenue to Foggy Bottom. This is a street called "Old Town." The sign says "Special persevered area."

Today's last visit is the headquarters of National Geographic", my husband's favorite magazine. We took around many exhibitions in the hall. You can be a cover page of the magazine if you take a picture in this box by paying $5.


Discovering Washington on foot was very pleasant and at the same time very exhaustive. Fish sandwich and coke refreshed me.

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