June 4: Breakfast meeting and shopping center

We are to meet the owner of the suite in which we live now. Following to "Washington style", we met at eight in the morning at a hotel(Clinton's favorite hotel.) The owner is a wonderful person. We talked much over the dish, exceeding the scheduled time limit. Take a look at the picture of the dish. Pancake, omelet, and passion fruit juice.
The hotel has a very solemn atmosphere, looking at the interior and furniture. I am in nervous.
Picture of the Naganos.
The owner introduced us a young cute lady who guided us around the city. She has just graduated from a university in Washington. Her major is visual art using computer. We visited to a big shopping center in Virginia by subway like this.
In the shopping arcade are many department store and tenant shops. In the mall is an Internet stand like this. We soon accessed each other's home page. As might have been expected, her home page is filled with wonderful art. We returned downtown using connecting bus and subway. The weather was cold, rather than cool.

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