June 3: DC downtown tour

Today, we took a ride on "Old Town Trolley Tours of Washington" to look around over-all view of the Capitol. The trolly is painted in classic red color and all windows are widely open to introduce fresh green air into the cabin. The driver amiably guided the passenger at the points of interest. Fare: $24 a passenger.
View from the trolley bus. Passenger can get off at any stop and reboard another bus freely. The bus run around every 30 minutes. The seat is a little bid hard, but the bus is very pleasant anyway.
We took the bus from Mayflower Hotel close from my apartment. I remember we stayed the hotel 18 years ago and impressed by its magnificient atmospher.
We passed many points of interest such as National Cathedral, Embassy road, Georgetown University, Potomac River. The cherry tree row on the bank is now in deep green like this. Beyond the row is Jefferson Memorial.
Potomac River and Washington Monument. I'd like to go up the Monument but it is always crowded.
Smithonian Museum, consisting of several museums. Since we have visited the most popular Air-space Museum before, I'd like visit another museum this time.
U.S. Capitol. A grand magnificient construction, indeed.
The view from Capitol hill. The mall and Washington Monument. I wear a T-shirt I got yesterday at a street. As it is very cool this morning, I get goose bump.
Union station. We arrived on June 1st here but we directly headed to the aprtment by taxi, we were not aware of the station was so close to Capitol. An event is held cereblating the 50th anniversary of National Foundation Day of Israel
The ceiling of Union station. It is very beautiful consisting of white and gold color. Statues of Indian look down the main hall. The station is very large and spacious. We took lunch at a restaurant on the central deck. We enjoyed the lunch with looking down a show held on the temporaly stage cerebrating Israel's anniversary.
Another corner of the hall was an Internet cafe sponsored by a local provider in commemoration with the Israel anniversary. I immedietaly connected to COARA and showed it to a person in charge. He said "Oh, I can read your page!" I quietly put COARA title page into the book mark of the PC.
A street of downtown Washington. Big trees like those make cool shades over sidewalks. Small flower pots are almost all corner of the streets. DC is really a clean and beautiful town. People enjoy their rich time by reading book or chatting over coffee at on-street shops.
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