June 2: The 2nd day in DC

Yesterday, we arrived to Washington DC by Amtrak train. We found our place in an apartment owned by a friend of the Internet friend. The suite is spacious with kitchen and bathroom. After a while we went out to get food at a nearby supermarket. I prepare meal just like the same way as I do in Oita.

Today is the second day. We went out for a walk to the White House 10 minutes from the apartment. I found "real" White House just in front of my eye.

A traffic signal. This means, of course, "Don't walk." You can walk when the "walkman" sign flickers on the green signal. But some pedestrians cross on red signal by their own cost. We have also accustomed to cross on red (no boasting, indeed.)
Right next to the White House. All kinds of newspaper are on the stand, mostly 25 cents, some are free.

Office water distribute truck. A large guy puts many water tanks on a cart and carries it to the office. On the truck body are water supplier's beautiful logo mark and name. Many water tanks are neatly arranged in the truck.

In commemoration of the visit to DC, I got T-shirts from this guy, I am a real bumpkin.
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