June 1: Good-bye New York, Hello Washington!

We said good-bye to the hostess of the B$B. We packed all our belongings and are leaving the wonderful apartment. We carried trunks with a carrier. This is the elevator of the 15th floor. There are three elevators in this apartment.
The concierge of the apartment called a taxi for us during we were wait at the lobby. Unfortunately, as it was just in commuting hour, we waited for a while. We went to Penn station by taxi and checked in our baggage to Amtrak. We will go to Washington by train.
After we became free from heavy trunks, we took a walk again around downtown crowded with a lot of businessmen striding the street and sightseeing tourists browsing here and there. We made up our mind to climb, anyway, the Empire State Building before leaving New York. We had visited the building 18 years ago, but this time we at last refreshed our memory as bumpkins.
Looking down New York from the observatory deck. Good-bye Big Apple, when can I see you again? Can I really see you again? After leaving the building, we went to Mr. Tsukamoto's office to say thank you and see you again.
The underground level is of the office Penn station. We got Amtrak without any trouble. We soon got two lunch boxes at the buffet car. The cardboard box is designed to withstand the trembling of the train. A good idea.
We took lunch at the cafe wagon equipped with larger table. The wagon door can be opened both by hand or foot(when your hands are occupied) by pushing the tab on the door. After the lunch, it is now PC hour. There is an power outlet on the wall as expected.
It took about three hours. I was surprised to find thick forest and wetlands just after leaving the skyline of Manhattan. This is Union station, Washington DC. There is the end of the rail.
We waited for our baggage which seemed to be sent by another train. During waiting, we looked around the station. This is the front gate of big United States of America. The size of the station is worthy of it. What can we experience in Washington DC from today?

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