May 31: New York life

We, human being, can't be free from producing garbage to live a life. Here in New York is one of them. Garbage is packed in large vinyl bags and put on the specific points on the street. This is a garbage point in SOHO district. Blue translucent bags hold recyclable garbage like bins and cans, black bags are packed with combustible garbage.
A Sunday evening of the Central Park. Dark green garbage car goes around to gather garbage bags. Workers in green working suit collect garbage boxes on the road. Large sized garbage boxes are surely equipped with wheel to facilitate the handling. I was impressed to learn the idea. Based on such hidden efforts, people can commute to the office through the clean park.
Washing is another important house keeping. I go down to the basement laundry room. When I first went down, a service man who handles a heavy door asked his colleague "Do you know those people?", then opened the door. After I finished washing, I tried to go back my suite but the door was locked. I was at a loss for a while but I finally asked the service man to open the door. There are 11 large washing machines, 9 small(though they are much larger than mine) machines, and 4 ironing pads. Folding tables are surely provided. I am putting cloths from a wheeled cart into a dryer.
I am working on the note PC in the room. When I fold up the blind, I can see the Central Park and skyscrapers. The owner of this apartment loves to paint like red one on right.

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